Drywall and Paint

We Can Help with Drywall and Painting

Well-loved homes are going to require touch-ups and repairs at some point. Whether you’re ready to renovate and want new paint for a new look or you’re getting ready to sell and want to make sure your house is in great shape, we can handle the painting and drywall for you. We work on residential and commercial buildings, and we work with investors who are improving their properties for tenants or to get ready to sell. If you need any help with drywall or painting, we’re the experts you need.

Drywall Repairs and Refinishing

It seems almost inevitable that the drywall will become damaged at some point. An accident can cause a hole in the drywall, furniture being moved can scratch it, or other issues can lead to damage. While there are repair kits available for damaged drywall, it’s not easy to make the damage completely disappear. With most DIY kits, it’s going to be easy to spot where the repair was done. Instead, if you need to have drywall repaired for your next home improvement project, let us help. We’ll repair and refinish the drywall properly so you won’t be able to tell where the damage was.

Drywall Installation and Finishing

Are you planning on adding to your home, whether it’s a whole room added on or an extra closet in one of the bedrooms? We can handle the drywall finishing and installation. This also includes finishing the basement in the house, replacing large pieces of damaged drywall or any other drywall work you might need to have done. If you need new drywall, let our experts handle the job. We can cut, hang, and finish the drywall so it looks like it has always been a part of the house. Once we’re done with the installation, we can paint it to match the existing drywall in the home or you can pick any color you want for it.

Interior Painting

If you’re ready for a new look inside the house, changing the colors can make a huge difference. Painting can completely change the mood of the room as well as the atmosphere when you go inside. We can paint a single room for you or the entire interior of the home. Is your child ready for a new grown-up room? Once you pick out the colors, we can handle the painting. For more unique looks, ask us about different techniques that can be used or add a focus wall in a different color to really make it stand out.

Exterior Painting

The sun’s rays, rain, hail, and other weather all take a toll on the outside of the house. After some time, the home may need to be repainted. If you’re undertaking home improvement projects to update the inside of the home, don’t forget about the outside as well. We can handle the painting for the outside of your home and ensure it looks amazing. We’ll also handle the trim, so the entire home looks fresh and new. We can work with any color you prefer or help if you have any HOA restrictions on the colors that can be used on the exterior.

Are you ready to start fixing up your home and making it the perfect space for you or to get it ready to sell? Let us help with your home renovation projects. We can handle the painting and drywall repairs or installations, so you have less to worry about. We can also help with commercial projects for your business or work with you on renovations for investment properties. Call us today to schedule a time to get a quote for the drywall or painting help you need.